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Specialty Sodas

Root Beer

Campfire - cinnamon, cherry, cream

I'm Basic - vanilla, cream

It's 5 o'clock Somewhere - coffee liqueur, vanilla

Nut Job - coconut, cream

Scotcharoo - butterscotch, cream

Dr. Pepper

An Amen - raspberry, coconut, cream

Coconutty - blackberry, coconut

Jack Campfire - cinnamon, cherry, cream

Y'Basic - cherry, vanilla, fresh lime

Sunset - blue curacao, passion fruit

Mountain Dew

Anti-Freeze Blast - green apple, sour

Day at the Beach - peach, passion fruit, grapefruit

Hilander - blackberry, cream

Mustang - blue curacao, passion fruit

Peaches N' Cream - peach puree, cream

Tropical Dew - coconut, pineapple, strawberry

Orange Crush

Dancing in the Rain - raspberry puree, blackberry

Lover - raspberry, watermelon

Orange Cream Dream - vanilla, cream, whip

Sun Kissed - passion fruit, pineapple

The Tank - strawberry puree, pineapple


Caramel Cow - salted caramel, vanilla, cream

Razzle Dazzle - raspberry puree, cranberry, cream

Swifty - cherry, cucumber, fresh lemon

The Karen - coconut, fresh lime

Twisted S'Mores - chocolate, toasted marshmallow

Sierra Mist

Bloody Rose - cherry, raspberry, strawberry

Pink Lady - cherry, grapefruit, fresh lemon

Scotch N' Soda - vanilla, fresh lemon

Shark in the Water - blue raspberry, cherry

Sweet as Kandi - cotton candy, cream

Yumzy - guava, pineapple, cucumber, fresh lemon

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